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they lost, and at the same price. Losing Chester Taylor did put the Vikings in the running for the premier third down back on the market, but LaDainian Tomlinson chose the New York Jets instead. So for Childress and the Vikings brass, the onus is on this draft to infuse high end talent.
cheap jerseys It starts Thursday, with the first round. If the team uses its top pick as wisely as it has since Childress first draft in 2006, the Vikings will come away with an impact player. The lone Childress era draft that involved Fran Foley as the overseer of the personnel department brought outside linebacker Chad Greenway in the first round. A knee injury hijacked his rookie season, but Greenway has developed into a Pro Bowl level player. With or without the official honors. The Vikings had three
cheap nfl jerseys second round picks in Starting cornerback Cedric Griffin turned out to be a nice pick in Round 2, but offensive tackle Ryan
cheap jerseys china Cook and quarterback Tarvaris Jackson still haven done much of anything to distinguish themselves. Meantime, defensive